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Bradenton Accident Injury

Optimal Physical Therapy of Bradenton specializes in treating accident and injury patients.  Whether you are involved in car, truck, motorcycle, or auto related accident or a personal injury case, a work related injury, or sports injury, let our professional staff get you back to normal.  Our Director of Physical Therapy in Bradenton, Theresa Mendoza, has Masters of Physical Therapy, and you can treat with our network of board certified emergency room doctors, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, and pain management specialists.  "OPT" for the best physical therapy in Bradenton!

Bradenton Auto Accident & Personal Injury

Although an auto accident victim may have health insurance, it is secondary and may deny coverage or demand full reimbursement for treatment. If a car accident victim does not have PIP, often a family member or the "at fault" party has auto insurance coverage that can pay for their medical bills, but this process often involves consulting an attorney. Click the link to find an accident attorney from a free service (Florida Bar Approved): Accident Attorney. If PIP benefits have exhausted, then Optimal Physical Therapy will work under a lien with your personal injury attorney.  Most physical therapy centers in Bradenton will not work under a lien and will force patients to pay out-of-pocket.


Accident victims may only receive $10,000 in PIP benefits only if an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) is declared and filed within 14 days of an accident by one of the following healthcare professionals:








If an accident victim does not receive an EMC, then they could be limited to $2500 of PIP or denied coverage.


Schedule with a local medical doctor, to make sure you are not denied your PIP benefits!

Bradenton Sports Medicine & Injury

Optimal Physical Therapy of Bradenton specializes in treating sports injuries.  Whether you are a competitive athlete or a leisure player, OPT will get you off the sideline and back in the game. 


Many in nour network of providers have board certifications in orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and sports medicine. They often perform arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery on both upper and lower extremities. Most sports injuries, however, are not surgical and can be treated with physical therapy. Contact us and get a referral to sports medicine expert today.

Bradenton Work Related Accidents

If you are involved in a work related accident or currently are involved in a workers' compensation case, Optimal Physicial Therapy welcomes the opportunity to work with your carrier and adjuster to tailor your therapy around your specific needs.  We specialize in getting you better and back on the job. 

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